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The Ansul R-102 and Ansul Piranha systems can both be manually and automatically activated in the same way. 

Manual Activation

A stainless steel cable is installed through ½” conduit and pulley elbows to a manual pull station sited on the path of egress from the kitchen. In the event of fire the pull station is activated; pulling the stainless cable and activating the discharge gas cylinder which in turn pushes the wet chemical agent out of each discharge nozzle.

Automatic Activation

Automatic fusible link detectors are mounted above each cooking appliance and in the mouth of each extract duct. Stainless steel cable is held under tension through each detector and back to the activation gas cylinder. Fusible links are set to melt at a specific temperature (typically 500 F above normal cooking temperature). When the fusible link melts, the tension in the cable is released discharging the wet chemical.