Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression

What are fire suppression systems?

Commercial kitchen fires are highly destructive. There are numerous causes of catering equipment fires that, once they arise, are very difficult to control. The potential loss to both property and life can be disastrous.

Unlike the conventional means of tackling kitchen fires, such as portable extinguishers and fire blankets, kitchen fire suppression systems provide a robust solution to many of the issues and dangers surrounding these methods.

Leading the way in commercial kitchen fire suppression systems are the Ansul R-102 and Ansul Piranha systems. These products consist of a liquid, wet chemical agent stored in stainless steel tanks and enclosures mounted adjacent to the kitchen canopy. In the event of a fire, the wet chemical agent, known as Ansulex, is automatically discharged from all nozzles, activated by fusible link detectors. The system can also be manually activated. The agent attacks the fire by rapidly knocking down the flame, reacting with the heat and cooking grease to produce a soap-like foam layer, starving the fire of oxygen and preventing a fire from re-flash.

Following a fire, kitchens can be cleaned, the Ansul system can be recharged, and trade can continue. Global’s national service team have a proven response time of 4 hours from call-out.

The low pH agent remains liquid where it comes into contact with appliances that are not on fire. The wet chemical agent is confined to the kitchen canopy and the devices beneath it and can be quickly and safely removed following activation.