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Public Address/Voice Alarms

Voice alarm systems provide clear, easily understood instructions via pre-recorded messages. This method ensures that even untrained personnel and the general public are evacuated speedily and efficiently

Voice Alarm

Why Global?

Voice alarm systems are becoming the favoured solution for the safe management of buildings and their occupants. Research shows that people respond more quickly and are likely to take correct action during an evacuation when presented with a spoken message rather than a sound tone only. 

Global Fire and Security partner with market leaders Honeywell and Baldwin Boxall which gives us the widest range possible and a solution to fit the most demanding of applications.

Voice Alarm

Voice Alarm

Baldwin Boxall VIGIL3 Transformerless Voice Alarm Amplifiers

Transformerless amplifiers for VIGIL3 voice alarm systems are powerful, compact and robust

Benefits of Voice Alarms

  • Phased Evacuation
  • Multi-Lingual Digital Messaging
  • Selectable Pre-Recorded Messages
  • Public Information Announcements
  • Background Music for Ambience
  • Clear spoken instructions to people during an emergency event
  • Full control during the evacuation of a building
  • Each building includes built-in power supply, freeing up space

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