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Environmental Policy




Last Reviewed:-

October 2020

To Be Reviewed Next:-

October 2021

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  1. Environmental Policy Statement

The business objectives of  Global Fire  Systems Ltd are to provide professional, customer-focused services to our clients at optimum cost, with a commitment to complying with all environmental legislation applicable to our aspects and any other requirements that may be imposed upon us.

As part of our corporate and social responsibility agenda, the environment is one of our key areas and we strive to improve the positive impacts of our operations upon the environment and work towards the reduction and elimination of the negative aspects wherever possible. These aspects include:

    • Waste management
    • Supplier and contractor management
    • Use of raw materials
    • Use of energy
    • Noise management
    • Reduction in Fuel Usage

We are committed to the prevention of pollution and will assess all new proposed processes to identify potential impacts upon the environment prior to implementation.

We are committed to the continuous improvement of our Environmental Management System which is fully documented and provides the framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets. The Environmental Working Party acts as a steering committee for setting and delivering targets against our key impact areas.

As the scope of our operations are Environmentally low impact/risk the decision has been taken by company management not to communicate our significant environmental aspects publicly.

The policy of Global Fire Systems Ltd is that our Environmental Management System should comply with BS EN ISO 14001:2015. We commit to implement, maintain and communicate this policy to suppliers, customers and any other interested party.


Ian Grantham CEO &


Date: 30th October 2020

Environmental Policy

Issue 8 10/19

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Page 2 of 7



All requirements imposed upon Global Fire Systems Ltd are detailed on the Register of Legal and Other Requirements within the company records.

Environmental restrictions imposed on us for any project by a client, local authority or any other interested parties are detailed within contract project management system folder.


Global Fire Systems Ltd have established the following targets and objectives:

      • Increase recycling Within Offices by adding paper recycling Bins to all office areas along with the recycling of toner cartridges inclusive of on-site offices, to be achieved by April 2021
      • Reduce noise complaints by 10%, to be achieved by April 2021 to be achieved through continued use of heat mapping sites for engineers’ areas and a reduction in size of areas covered by engineers and continued training of on-site staff in the use of their alarm systems.
      • Audit the environmental management systems of 10% of strategic partners and 5% of key suppliers April 2021
      • 97% of Company vehicles to be emission economical models, to be achieved by June 2021.
      • Increase the amount of staff using public transport to commute to places of work by 15% by April 2021
      • Decrease use of paper throughout the business by 30% through use of cloud storage in particular for Archiving materials, Project files stored on the CASH system and issuing O&M’s in digital format only.

Action Plan

      • Waste Bins specifically for Paper only to be provided in every department, also all printer toner cartridges to be returned to suppliers using the box and bag from the new cartridge, Recycle bins for the cartridges available to all offices (inclusive of site offices).
      • Increased engineering resource (3 in London and surrounding areas and 1 Northern Areas) including the use of client site heat mapping to reduce engineer coverage areas to ensure any false alarms are dealt with in a shorter time frame and also increased training for staff on client’s site to enable them to deal with any minor false alarms without a need for site attendance again reducing the time any alarm is sounding for.
      • Training of 3 members of staff to become Auditors who will carry-out the necessary audits on our strategic partners and key suppliers.
      • Improve the insulation of buildings to reduce the amount of time the heating systems is required to be active.
      • Ensure all recommended service dates on heating systems are met to ensure it is working at the optimal level which will reduce our Carbon Emissions.
      • All new company vehicles are low emission ie:-Blue Motion,

Environmental Policy

Issue 8 10/19

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Page 3 of 7


Eco Drive. The Vans Through Vauxhall Vivaro Eco Flex are also now more efficient, this roll out is should mean that by June 2021 97% of the Global fleet will be emission economical models, also have two electric charging units fitted to our head office to service the 4 current hybrid vehicles on the fleet.

  • Car Sharing where possible when staff travel to same destinations and promotion of public transport (set up the Tram season ticket payment scheme) including engineers where possible on sites in London and project engineers on large fixed sites.
  • Change out all building lighting to low energy LED in order to reduce energy consumption

Environmental Policy Issue 8 10/19

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In accordance with our Environmental Policy all waste generated from our offices will be, where practicable, segregated and disposed of by utilising registered and licensed waste disposal contractors (Currently this is performed by Nottingham County Council). Transfer notes will be retained by the Project Team, within the PMS Folder, for all waste removed from site.

Any small amounts of Non-hazardous waste created by our scope of works on site will be taken from site by our engineers and taken to our head office/stores for disposal using our separation skips which are collected for disposal by our local authority (GFS are approved Upper Tier Waste Carriers).

We are permitted to make this transfer from site to our head office/stores as we are certified as an upper tier waste carrier with the Environment agency.

Should there be the need to remove hazardous waste, all products will be removed and disposed of in accordance with relevant local enforcing bodies, with all licenses obtained, and transfer notes retained as proof of correct disposal. Where there is more than 200kg of hazardous waste to be removed from site, the premise will be registered with the environmental agency as required by the Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005.

Where site conditions allow two debris skips will be utilised and all waste will be segregated into inert and general waste

All waste carriers will have the appropriate license details of which and will be kept with other statutory documents. All Waste Consignment Notes will be retained, recording the category of waste removed and the destination of the waste.


Global Fire Systems Ltd manages its responsibilities in line with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (regulation 4).

All engineers complete the UKATA Asbestos Awareness course prior to commencing works on any of our client’s site’s a refresher course is then taken periodically.

Before work commences on any property which may contain ACM’S it is requested that we view the Asbestos register and if this is not available have an Asbestos survey carried out in the area of our works.

Only licensed contractors are used for the removal and disposal of any Asbestos which is encountered on any of our sites.

Environmental Policy

Issue 8 10/19

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Where practicable, Global Fire Systems Ltd will ensure noise generation is reduced to an acceptable level for Contractors on site and the general public in the local vicinity.

All contractors will be reviewed to ensure they use plant & equipment with efficient noise suppression or controls fitted to assist us in attaining reduced noise output levels.

In line with our environmental policy, Global Fire Systems Ltd will work in conjunction with any client to inform adjacent parties or persons likely to be affected by any noisy works during a project.

Global Fire Systems Ltd will work within the requirements of any restrictions imposed on the project works. Furthermore, Global Fire Systems Ltd will manage works in line with any guidelines imposed and ensure the client is fully aware of the requirements imposed on the project.

All complaints concerning noise emissions from our sites are to be reported

as stipulated within our Environmental Management System on the necessary forms to maintain a register of complaints. Complaints will be investigated

and appropriate corrective and preventive measures taken to prevent reoccurrence.

Ethical Sourcing

All suppliers must provide information and evidence that components and materials used in all products supplied to Global Fire systems where practicable have been ethically sourced, this is to be monitored through supplier audits, meetings and product data sheets.

Points of reference:-DEFRA


Emissions into the atmosphere and watercourses are to be controlled by the best available means practicable. Where practicable, environmentally safe products will be used, attempting to minimize the effects of our works on the environment.



Environmental Policy

Issue 8 10/19

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Diesel & petrol Accidental spillage

Where possible, generators and fuel powered machinery should be positioned in a bunded area to contain spillage. Ensure bund has the capacity to contain the maximum amount of fuel stored in the machinery plus 10%.

Paints; Thinners; Cleaning Fluids

Suggest utilising water based products negating the need for the use of spirit based products. Prevent products from entering the drainage systems.

Hazardous Dusts generated from;

Suggest safer alternative (ply,

Environmental Policy    Issue 8 10/19

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